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A wonderful romantic line from

A wonderful romantic line from As The World Turns (I think this is thursday’s ep, but I could be wrong I’m always behind a few days!)
Christopher to Abigail:

C: Remember when I told you that I had that dream, and that when you got into the taxi cab it came true?
A: Yea, I remember, and it did, at least I thought it did.
C: It did, and that’s why I had to keep what happened with Molly and me in a weird sealed off portion of my mind, and I’d go for days and I would not even remember that it happened. It was because I wanted to protect you - I wanted to protect you from the truth - I wanted to protect what we had. I would have done *anything* to keep our dream alive, Abigail - that’s why I followed you to New York. You wanted me to cut it off and let you go, and I couldn’t, but the thing is - now I think I can. That’s the least I can do right? - you still want that? to say goodbye and mean it?
A: I thought that when this happened, I’d feel free
C: What are you feeling?
A: There’s a weight in my chest - I’ll never love anyone the way that I loved you, Christopher.

Awwww - I’m just mush now. That’s definately a hopeless romantic sentiment smile


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