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Whoops! LOL I forgot we

Whoops! LOL I forgot we can’t use brackets here. *g* After my comment about Tea’s dress, mentally add in a *g* or *giggle.* After my comment that my story isn’t based on David’s ep, realize that in the space, you should be seeing a *smiles innocently.* LOL

Meanwhile, Krissy should have that David picture up VERY soon! She made it for me as a reward for getting my Special Ed final done last December, and it’s my desktop wallpaper now. *g*

Well, back to listening to the Oldies station and wishing I had someone to go see Return to Me with! For those who don’t know, RTM is THE movie that all true Hopeless Romantics must see! You will cry from sadness, you will cry from laughing too hard, and you will walk away knowing that true love really is forever. : )


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