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There is a big part of a healthy journey that relies in changing the brain, not just the body. I wasn't prepared for this! In my head, I assumed that because of all my health complications, I wouldn't even be able to loose the weight, and was just trying this last ditch effort in case it helped take off 10 pounds or so. So even though I was working the health plan to a T, I wasn't expected to see much of a difference. And then to FEEL different was even more unexpected.

What feels different, mentally?

  • the sense of pride I feel for accomplishment.
  • the happiness that bubbles out of me more often.
  • the mental relief of less pain.
  • the openness to new experiences.

Taking intentional, or mindful, steps to a goal is really one of the best feelings. For me, those steps were baby steps, as my brain (and body) take a bit of time to adjust to any change. Watching myself change on a spreadsheet week by week is a bit of a rush.

What changes in your life caught you off guard mentally and made you change your thinking?


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