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I introduced a series on my blog about how I'm getting healthy. I talked about my eating plan already, and now I'd like to share info on my physical fitness routine.

A little background: Exercise has always been a challenge for me. I was the little girl who was happier reading or playing with dolls, or even on occasion, bringing the book or dolls outside - but not really doing much exercise. I had an ankle problem that kept me from walking much, which was one more excuse. And then with multiple chronic illnesses over the last 10+ years, I have had to be extra careful to not overdo it, adding new things slowly with baby steps!

So in a struggle to get healthy, I knew I should add intentional movements to my routine. That intentional part has been key for me, making it a routine or integrating it into a current routine so it's harder to just skip because I don't feel like it! For Medifast, they suggest waiting until you've completed the first few weeks of the program before exercising, I believe this allows your system to stabilize a bit and get used to the low-calorie intake.

What am I doing? Walking on the weekend with my husband. Riding my exercise bike, and upping the time and difficulty as I can. I took a set of restorative yoga classes, and now do yoga-inspired stretching at home. Ballet-inspired movements like pliés. Floor aerobics for abs and core strengthening. Cooking and cleaning and general housework. All of these things combined in small portions throughout the day enable me to burn a few more calories. Between my small meal schedule and my exercise schedule and my rest needs, it's a full time activity!

When I am acting intentionally, I dress in clothes that I will be able to move in. Something form fitting so I'm not tripping over the too-big-jammies that still fill my closets. When I am planning intentionally, I think of how I can add an exercise to something that is already routine. One of my mini-meals is best when eaten a half-hour after prepping, so I go put it in the freezer and then spend the time on my exercise bike. When I am moving intentionally, I turn on pop music that lends itself to be danced to. It puts a spring in my step!

In the future, I want to add a little weight training with my teeny tiny weights, and walk more on a regular basis, as well as getting more yoga training. I think all of these things will combine to make me a healthier version of where I was a year ago, and the strength I gain will make it easier to accomplish my goals.

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