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In my mindful Kristine is getting healthy post last week, I said I would tell you what I have been doing as a health plan...

A little background: diets have not worked, until this one. With the meds I take to fight the symptoms of fibromyalgia, it makes loosing weight difficult. I attempted to eat healthier, and healthier. I tried Weight Watchers. I ate healthier still. And then this last year's amount of bed-bound days increased, which added more weight.

My sister approached me with the idea of starting Take Shape For Life (TSFL) with Medifast along with her. TSFL is the health coach side of Medifast. Medifast is a meal replacement diet plan that uses low-level ketosis to burn the fat while eating a balance of high protein, low calories, and controlled carbs. I ate 5 meal replacements and one Lean and Green (L&G) meal a day, plus a lot of water and gentle exercising. I was very tentative about a meal plan that includes meal replacements. I prefer the idea of eating lots of fruits, veggies, whole grains, and basically the concept of less processed foods to get healthy.

My thought was that if I could get to a slightly healthier weight, then it would be easier to exercise and then I could take a more traditional approach to dieting. I was hoping for 10lbs, maybe if I were lucky, 20lbs. (I'll talk more about my results in another post.)

I started in November, thinking I'd give it a month. I immediately started a list of thanksgiving food I would still be able to eat... we were in WA for thanksgiving this year, and I love my family and dad's thanksgiving menu. There wasn't much on that list, but I kept pressing forward. Then when I started seeing results, I committed to another month. This coincided with a road trip to CA for Christmas, which was quite the challenge! At one point, there were at least 30 different options of treats/desserts/candies on my in-law's buffet counter to resist! And I pressed on. And on, and on... May was month seven on plan.

One thing that allowed me to stay sane was being able to customize my L&G. The meal features some form of lean protein, like 6oz of grilled chicken breast or 10 Trader Joe meatless meatballs or 14 egg whites. And then the main bulk of the meal is 3 servings of lower-carb vegetables, like 3 cups of lettuce or 1 1/2 cups of cucumber or 1 1/2 cups of califlower. Of course, these things can be divided up within categories for a more cohesive meal, it just takes a bit of math! I had all the PDF files with charts and numbers on my ipad and open in iBooks for the reference throughout my journey! So in customizing, I tried a lot of new things and my taste buds started craving foods I had never thought I would enjoy. Like cauliflower, spaghetti squash, and homemade kale crisps! And I learned a lot about how I could season and flavor the things on my menu plans for different combinations.

The thing that made a HUGE difference for me was the support. My sister gratefully accepted pics of my L&G meals as a form of accountability. My close friends adjusted their breakfast and coffee meeting habits to allow me to still join in by picking kristine-friendly locations to eat. I joined a group in January on Facebook that had many people in similar situations, some using TSFL or Medifast, others just doing traditional calorie counting. I started tracking my data on MyFitnessPal and found that other people I knew were doing that as well. And my instagram/Facebook friends were so supportive as I publicly and privately documented my journey.

In the next few posts, I'll talk about mindful movements and recap my progress. I hope you'll keep joining me on this series!

a meal replacement, a little lean, and a little green
a meal replacement, a little lean, and a little green


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