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the holidays

It’s been a busy couple of weeks. From E’s bday to Christmas to New Years, we’ve been busy busy busy. I’ve been sick off and on between there, too, so it’s added extra challenges.

Christmas was really nice, we had a good morning for E’s and my presents. I’d already given him his iPod for his bday, so his Christmas didn’t have anything super-fabulous. A nice combo of things he needed (jammies) and fun things though, if I do say so myself. One of my favorite toy things I got him was Pixel Blocks, probably because I’ve had as much fun playing with them. ;) I got some fun stuff, including gloves and slippers which I really needed to stay warm... and dry erase markers because mine get such a workout on a daily basis that they were almost dead (I use my large board for work meetings smile ) And then, I got two highly desired things: We Love Katamari and the Firefly series, woo!

Then we headed over to my parents house to do all of our presents (because we didn’t do any on Christmas Eve). We started with Sibling presents, and then went on to Mom and Dad. Our presents were a hit, for the most part. And the presents we received were very nice as well.

Dad cooked for us several times over the day, and we watched a movie, too. We got a variety of games between us for Christmas, but didn’t end up with time to play together, so we’ll do that another day.

Then we went home to meet E’s parents when they came from the airport. They ended up getting some dinner on the way, so they were later than we anticipated, but that was fine. We did E’s bday from then and his dad’s bday that night, and the games began! His family likes puzzles and games a lot, so much of the rest of their time here was spent doing that. Monday morning, we had Christmas with them, and spend the day playing games. We did leave the house to go to Old Spaghetti Factory for dinner, and that was nice. They left Tuesday morning for a trip up to Seattle (Bremerton, Bainbridge Island) to see other family members, and didn’t return until Thursday night.

E and I worked throughout the middle of the week until they returned, and we got to take them to our little diner when they came back. They didn’t really like how much it was raining, but we laughed and said it was nothing! laughing More games ensued, and then on Friday, we went on a trip out of the house: We visited Powell’s bookstore, which is a whole City Block of books! book I hadn’t been there since High School, so it was fun to return. E and I browsed together, and ended up walking down to the technical section a few blocks down. It was worth getting wet for, it was definitely our kind of store. I found 4 of the romance novels on my wishlist at the main store, for $15 all together, so that was a find I couldn’t pass up! I think I was the only one who bought anything ;) but that was fine. Then we drove around towards PSU, which is one of Craig’s potentials for next year (for his doctorate). There is a mall downtown, but I didn’t know exactly what street it was on, so we watched E’s dad get annoyed while we tried to find it. We should have just driven, but oh well. We ended up finding it, and it was great fun to walk around.

On our way home through Portland traffic, we stopped to get the last of E’s dad’s presents from Leonard and Sarah and got a chance to see Sarah’s new couches (Santa brought them while she was sleeping, what a surprise!) and their tree before it went down. That was nice, I was very happy.

E’s parents left Saturday morning early, and E and I spent yesterday just relaxing and playing. We have to take turns with the playstation (he’s playing xenosaga, I’m playing katamari). We stayed up until the ball dropped (thanks to an afternoon nap for me), and were sad to hear Dick Clark sounding so bad. Today, we are going to my parents to hang out after Leonard and Sarah get out of church, and that should be nice. A little new-years-fun with dad cooking for us again smile

It’s been busy, but fun. Quite an exciting holiday, even though it went by so much quicker than we thought!


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Happy 2006, sweetie!

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