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looking back, looking forward

This year, many things happened, and I worked hard to chronicle them so that I’d have a nicer record of 2005. Although I’m still not blogging as much as I used to (or even as much as I’d like), I did notice a trend that I had this year towards dividing up my blogging into smaller sections of what’s important in separate places (moblogging, link blogging, journalling, etc.) That seemed to have worked well for me, and I look forward to this compartmentalized way of looking at my online life this year. That actually should mean compartmentalized for ME, but still easy for my readers to see in one place.

Some of the more memorable things in my year? These aren’t completely in order, and there are probably things I left out, but it was sure fun to look back.

January came with a remodel of my site. I had a tooth pulled and several other dental appointments. I continued to be overly crazed by TV shows like Lost, soaps, new serieses and SciFi’s shows, as well as disaster movies. I watched Six Apart acquire Live Journal and redesign their sites in the first few months of the year.

I spent a good portion of weekends of the year with my family one weekend day or the other. My littlest brother came home from rehab. My youngest sister got out of jail and started dating a nice boy and cleaned up. My wedding ring gem got resized finally. I watched Leah grow up more, learning to say my name even (It’s still Aunt Ke-en, but she does say Aunt Kris-een when prompted). We went for a movie night out with the siblings to see Hitch

I moblogged a lot more. I got an iPod, a Mac mini, and a shuffle and became very-much of a mac-girl. I made fondue with E.

I celebrated my 5th blogiversary, my 29th birthday, and my 5th anniversary. I learned the joy of rolling with Katamari Damacy. I took a trip to Southern California to watch some friends get married, then Walla Walla to watch my sister graduate, and a trip to SF to go to the office. We watched Megan graduate, then pass her boards to become a nurse, and move into her first apartment. I got my name in one book, and a screenshot of a design I made in a second. I grew my fingernails, an amazing feat. I used more Mary Kay than I sold. We bought a swing for our backyard.

I bought more girly music, and an album by a soap star music. I discovered a love for the Firefly series and then got very excited for Serenity. My in-laws visited in August. Eric and I celebrated our Anniversary by going back to the Beach. We went back to Southern California for E’s 10th high school reunion.

I spent some time being geeky with my blog and upgrading mine and rina-doll ’s to MT 3.2. Overall, my health was better than last year. I grow my position at work towards being the team leader, and more management tasks, and feel like I grew a lot in the process. I thought about more posts than I actually wrote. I watched several friends get hired to work with me. Two new designs for kadyellebee showed up in the last few months of the year. I went back to SF for another trip in November to the office.

I started posting quizlets and other private things in my livejournal, and using it more to keep track of some friends. Eric went to California for himself one weekend, and I survived. My sister Lisa got engaged. I made it through December despite too many plans, sickness, houseguests, and lots of work in between. I think I reread book all of my Jude Deveraux and Judith Krantz books, and started 2 new Janette Oke series.

And what do I have in mind for this coming year? I’m not sure all yet. I know of a few events I’m looking forward to, and I know that there are overall things I would like to do (paint a wall, organize my craft closet), but I don’t have specific theories as to when I’ll do that. I want to work harder but work a little less hours. I’d like to stay better in touch with my friends, even if it’s just a random comment here and there on their blogs. I hope to be more giving to E because he takes such good care of me blush. I want to cross my fingers that this year will be even better for me healthwise exercise. I just know that overall, I want a happy year! Here’s to 2006!


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