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weekend plans

E is out of town, which means I needed to entertain myself for a few days. ;)

Last night, i called my parents, who always go to Applebee’s near my house every friday night that dad’s in town. I asked if they wanted company and so mom came and got me so I could go along. I went from jammies to showered and pretty in 15 minutes, which was speedy!

Mom had to go to work soon after dinner (she’s working at Fred Meyers for the holidays to get some real experience on her resume - some places don’t like that her major experience is for a family business!), so dad and I finished eating a little longer and then followed her because mom wanted him to help pick out some gifts while it was a discount day. So I got to wander around the store with my dad for hours, it was a bunch of fun! We even picked out a candle for my mom to burn over the holidays, which meant we smelled like every candle in the store! I like spending time doing silly things with my dad.

I came home and read some blogs and then got caught up looking for eye shadow tips and playing with makeup for a bit. I rarely do things like that when E’s around. Watched some tv and read and went to bed after that.

Then I got up this morning and did some work for a while, it’s nice to get things done when it’s quiet. Watched a few movies and caught up on some other shows waiting on my TiVo (Nip/Tuck had quite a few waiting, and even a couple How I Met Your Mother). At the same time, I started cleaning more of my office. It looked like a mailbox blew up in here with so much junk mail and catalogs everywhere! It’s not perfect, but considerably better. wreath-closeI also attacked (!) my wreath. At our last house, it looked like this. Since then, it lost a lot of ivy. But it’s been on our door nonetheless. Last weekend, I made E take me to Michael’s and got some new greenery and ribbons and stuff to put on it. It turned out so pretty, I’m quite happy!

I made some late lunch, spaghetti with white sauce with nutmeg and parmesan cheese in it. It was something I’d been wanting to try and it turned out good. I made way more sauce than I needed, but next time maybe I’ll guess better on how much.

So even though it’s quiet with E gone, it’s been an okay somewhat productive day!


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Pretty wreath makeover! smile Happy December, hon.

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