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holiday plans

One of the things I like about Christmas is shopping for presents. Even though it’s a massive task, it really gives me joy to actually pick out things that I hope my family will enjoy.

Why is it a massive task? my family keeps growing! 14 family members, plus E’s dad’s birthday, and E’s birthday. I’ve kinda given up on things like Christmas cards and gifts for friends unless I see something particularly awesome. There’s just not enough time!

And then decorating also gives me a great deal of happiness. You saw my wreath re-do last week. We did the tree this weekend. Well, we set up the tree on Monday night, but it was mostly naked all week because I got so busy that we didn’t get back to it.

E decided on colored lights this year. We’ve always had white lights since we’ve been together. But our pretty pearly lights from last year just didn’t make it very well, so it was time for new ones anyhow. So our tree looks a little different than it has in the past. But it still turned out pretty!

We are planning for Christmas baking, too. I researched Peppermint Bark (I think it’s Shelley’s fault for getting it at the holiday party last year that I thought of it tounge out). The kind I remember having had chocolate on the bottom, not like the Betty Crocker version. I did find several other versions that used white chocolate chips instead of almond bark (which seems like it would be easier to find). And then another one that uses semisweet or bittersweet chips for a bottom layer. I know I definitely want candy canes, not starlight mints for the pretty swirlyness on the top. So Safeway had a box of little candy canes on sale when we went on Saturday, so I grabbed that in anticipation. If I come up with a great recipe, rest assured I’ll put it on theredkitchen

And then cookie press cookies are the other one I’ll for sure make. If I have time, I’d do some sugar cookies and/or some russian teaballs.

So despite all the busyness and the work-work that’s keeping me quite busy too, I’m happy it’s the holidays. smile


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Pretty tree! I am just not feeling the holiday spirit at all this year. sad I’m glad you are though!

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