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autumn look

I needed a new look over here. Some bold colors, something new. I know, autumn isn’t a very long lasting season when it’s almost over now, but it sure was fun to play with this today. I miss designing a lot!

This is all from scratch in photoshop, with a few photoshop leaf shapes, and a colorized background from SquidFingers. I actually had a dream about this design several nights ago, the way the colors came together, and when that happens, I feel like I’m already half way there!

Oh, and it’s such a breeze to switch out designs with skins still set up (they aren’t selectable, but they are still here). AND with the last redesign using MT 3.2’s new structure, it means that I only had to change the CSS file and two tweaks (link for livejournal, switching alpha and beta columns now that content is in middle again) in the header - isn’t that crazy?!

Enjoy smile


Pretty layout. Very TypePad-ish looking. smile

It’s beautiful, Kristine! I just love the squidfingers patterns. Your skill at web design always blows my mind - I will have to e-mail you my own attempt at a winter layout! blush


Just a quick note to say I how much I like your weblog...very nice balance of links and personal stories. I find some weblog writers can go on, and on and on...if you know what I mean

Definately bookmarkable (if that’s a word)


Kristine, you outdid yourself with this new beautiful autumnal design!