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need some mary kay?

Like I’ve said in the past, my sister is a Mary Kay Sales Director. This means that she has to make a certain level of production each month from her unit, and this month, I’m helping her out by making sure I’m still on her books. Pretty much, I buy stuff for my own personal enjoyment, but I do have a few products on my shelves even with that because I figured some friends might enjoy these things too... I just never really had much time after my initial push to send out trials to do much more promotion.

You can see some of the stuff I really like on my personal page at Full of Beauty, and all of the available products are on my official page, MaryKay.com/kristineb.

So I’m gonna be ordering a few things, and if anybody is interested in anything, I can order what you need too - if you comment here or send a message from the Full of Beauty page and mention this post, I could even throw in a free Eye Shadow or Nail Polish for anybody who puts in an over $20 order. smile


One of the really cool new things I’m gonna order myself is the Color Collection set - I love the box, and the pretty covers for the lipstick!

I probably need to put this order in by the end of this week, so do let me know before Friday if you are interested. It’ll take a few weeks to get things here and back out in the mail, but some products I really might have on my shelf and that could be faster.


wink My mum was a Mary Kay Consultant a while back too. She quit tho, it was time consuming (she also had an unstable job) and she kept paying for other people’s orders cause they didn’t get the money in on time and they didn’t end up paying back. She just gave up tounge out altho we still buy the products off her friends who still are with the Mary Kay family...

I never actually got 'colorful' myself... But I can’t live without the sunscreen moisturiser thingee.. I make a note to tell my mother a week in advance when I need new stock *hehe*

I might need some stuff - I’ll let you know by Friday! Is there shipping to send it to me?