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firefly theme song

After watching Firefly tonight (Bushwacked episode. hey, we still had some shows on our TiVo from LAST Friday while we were gone!), i did a search to find out more about the theme song. Joss wrote it, and that’s all of it, it’s just the short version on the show, too bad! I was hoping there was a longer version!

So then I dug a bit deeper and found a link on whedonesque to FIREFLYFANS.NET forums: Mal’s song. They’ve got a link to a longer version of the song that this woman wrote as an extension to the chorus that’s on the show (I didn’t know how to use torrent links, but there are some links further in the thread that worked for me). The lyrics are available, too.

Wow, I love it. It’s one of those songs that’s been stuck in my head since I heard it, so I’m glad to have a copy to play of the short version or the live one even.

Haven’t seen Firefly? SciFi is replying it on Friday nights right now (in the right order that Joss intended even!). Or you can get the Firefly DVD with all the episodes.