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Ya know what I’m liking lately? Fruit20. It’s fruit flavored water. Not just fruit juice, but water with a touch of flavor.

My biggest problem with water is the taste, it’s just not always what I want to drink. But this actually has a little flavor and makes me want to drink it for a change. E got some of the Natural Raspberry, and it’s really good.

So I think I’m gonna try and get more, to replace some of my pop-drinking. Hey, even to replace some of the juices. It’s way better for me, but isn’t quite as boring as plain 'ol water.

Besides, I’m curious if the other flavors are as good as raspberry. I’m a sucker for flavor choices, that’s probably why I like fruity pops like Grape and Cherry and even Orange.


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You can do the same thing with putting in a small amount of juice into your water. I do that all the time. I buy the bottled cranberry/apple, or cranberry/raspberry juice.

We have Culligan water, so it’s always cold. smile

I really dig Propel. It’s not sugar free, but pretty close to it, and it tastes good.

I love Fruit2O! I have never been a fan of water at all, and this is the best way to get me to drink something slightly resembling water.

Hey, Missakins! What are you doing here?! Small world. laughing

Sugar-free Kool-aid has saved me from drinking pop all the time. I’m not a big fan of water, so I need something with flavor. Sugar-Free Cherry *rocks*!

Have you tired the Crystal Light? They have the little packets that you can add it to a 20oz bottle of water and shake it. They are pretty good! And I guess Walmart has their own brand too and cheaper. smile

Try orange, you’ll know where your money went.

Fruit20 is the best water around! I have never drank water at all! I just can not stand it. But this water is the best stuff I have ever taste! They have finaly made something healthy I actualy like! I love the Grape Flavor but The Tropical Fruit one is pretty good too!!

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