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Hmmm.... so in my mailbox, I see that my BlogRolling subscription is almost up. So I have to decide if I want to keep using it, or try something else. I really appreciated Blogrolling’s services, back when I paid more attention to update times, and so on. But I’m not sure that it’s something that I really want to spend the money on.

So I’m looking at my alternatives, because I definately don’t want to loose my linklists, even if I just make them static, which would probably be a do-able solution.

Probably the foremost thing in my mind is that I’ve seen mention of Arvind’s MT Blogroll recently. And it probably will do everything I need. But I haven’t had time to even install it, which I’d like to do to make sure that I don’t have so much hacking on my system to make it not work.

Or, I could just go to having static pages.

I suppose I could put all my links in TypeLists in TypePad and link to those, too.

Decisions, decisions... smile


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I’ve put my blogrolls into static lists for now, but I’ll probably look into doing something different eventually. Right now my links are mostly just a backup for Bloglines anyway. Like you, update times don’t mean as much to me now that I’m not spending as much time online.

I think Blogrolling had it’s place and time in the sun. I use Bloglines for my links now and a del.ic.ious livemark in Firefox for the feed deficient sites.

Yeah, my blogrollling account is up for renewal, but I’m giving it the flick. I’m trying out Arvind’s plugin right now, but honestly, I don’t update my lists very often, and don’t pay any attention to update times any more, so I’d probably do just as well with a static page. We’ll see. In the meantime, I’m saving myself a few dollars, and the need to remember another password! wink

They’re doing it by subscription now? I remember when it was just donations that got you to Gold status! I’ve been using MT-Blogroll on my site for a couple of months now - I tried Bloglines but I realized I was happy keeping everything on my own site. MT-Blogroll is simple to install and use, so it works for me. smile

I cut my blogrolls down to 1 in Blogrolling (which is still free) and the rest in Bloglines or hard coded.

Sounds like we’re all running out at about the same time, and all evacuating Blogrolling in the process... I just did the same thing a couple of weeks ago (weeded down to one free Blogroll that’s my list for when I have time to see who’s updated, hardcoded everything else that’s the public list). I just cannot justify that much cash for that little service...it’s not the same since Jason sold it...

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