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feeling old and family house

How do you know when you are really old? When your littlest brother turns sixteen. Maaaan, I can’t barely believe that!

The kinda sad news to go along with that is that my parents got a notice to vacate their house in 30 days (from the 11th). We moved into this house right around Matthew’s 5th birthday (11 years ago). So this was the last birthday party/holiday in the house that has been the most memorable for most of the kids. Hopefully they’ll find somewhere they will be happy living, even if they have to move somewhere temporary while they look for something that will work to buy.


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No kidding, I feel old when I’m with my little brother and he’s 15. We’re getting old Kristine. laughing I’m sorry to hear about your parents situation, that sucks but I hope they find a place they’ll come to love even more.

Sorry to hear about your parents. sad My brother is two years younger than me (and there are just the 2 of us) so I never had the "geez, he’s turning X".

I know how you feel - Joshy’s going to be 16 in just over a month. GAH!

I can’t believe how old Matthew looks! He was just an itty bitty thing in a tux last time I saw him. : )

I’m sorry about your parents house. : ( That’s awful. I hope they find a nice place soon! {{HUGS}}

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