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commercial song

I love it when I see a commercial and *actually* can find out info about it by googling it. smile

Toyota has a commercial right now with a tire that drives around by itself, and there’s a beautiful song going on in the background; the singer has a beautiful voice, totally my kind of music.

And so I googled for toyota moving forward commercial song and found one hit wonder’s forums, where others mentioned this song. The singer is Kathy FischerFisher and its a song that will be on her album next year.

I’m gonna have to watch for that! smile

edited to fix the spelling mistake on her last name!


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I love her voice. I’m so glad that they’ll have something new out soon.

Thanks, Kristine! I just assumed I would never know....sad

OMG! your so lucky you skinned your site! Ive been trying and got the basics done today... But I’m trying to get the blog entry tables to match each skin... YOUR SO LUCKY! this si such a headache.... I guess I’m asking if ya know any place that has a simple to follow tut about this? Thanks Alot! I love your site!

I like What’s That Called, too!

(Lucky? For skinning the site? I can’t help but be puzzled about why that would be lucky exactly...)

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