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I had an entry that I swore I posted yesterday, but it didn’t show up. So I must have typed it and then closed the window, Doh!

I’m feeling way better, just trying to get caught back up after not being able to breathe!

It sure seems like 13549 spams is way too many for the first half of the month, but that’s just what Spam Assassin caught on their way in. I ran out of space on my account and thought I’d check and that’s where I’m at now, deleting them. Sheesh, even at 400 emails a page on my webmail interface, that’s a freaking lot! I think that its a sign that I’ve had love-productions for too long, and too many spammers have it on file. I’m gonna have to tell it to dump all mail to email addresses that don’t have accounts set up I suppose.

Did I mention that I’m working really hard?!

I’ve got several home improvement/decorating projects that are in process, but I haven’t had the time to finish or even take pictures yet. I’ll have to do some of that this weekend smile yay for pretty stuff!


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