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family dorkyness

Reasons that yesterdays family dinner wasn’t as great as normal...

I’m easily annoyed by close-minded family members that just assume the rest of are voting the same way as them, and say things with such close-minded devotion that they haven’t even researched enough to know whta they are talking about more than the undecided ones of us. I am not a big politics guru by any means (my knowledge about current politics is coming all from Jon Stewart at this moment!), but I’d like my choice to be respected, and I’d rather not talk about it than have my siblings and parents propaganda me.

Littlest brother was terribly bad this week (got caught on a surprise UA and then had another "indecisive" UA later on in the week) and is SO negative anytime anybody says anything. Plus, said sibling is defending other sibling who is in jail right now with every fiber of his being. Hello, she screwed up again, tell us how she’s so perfect isn’t gonna fly! Besides, the fact that he’s not even excited about starting school when mom went through the trouble of getting a boundry exception so he could start fresh in a new place. (he only has 1 credit from the whole year last year, so he’ll be a freshman again)

Leah is sad from her eyeteeth that are coming in, and that made me sad. She had a bit of a fever, and she hates thermometers (her mom has an armpit one) and hates meds (probably leftover from hating the anti-seizure meds).

I was feeling stressed anyhow, so I was more quiet. So I bet I had less fun because of that.

So yeah, sometimes, family weekends aren’t as much fun as others. I almost wish we hadn’t gone and just left it at pizza on friday night with just us at Sarah and Leonards instead of everybody going to mom and dad’s.


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I’m sorry. sad Doesn’t sound like a good time at all. {{HUGS}}

I cam sympathise with you. heart Sometimes going over to my parents house just makes me feel worse than when I went in. Politics are always a huge source of problems for us. I’ve learned I just can’t say certain things around my family.

Oh man, I’m sorry sweetie. I hate it when family getogethers turn sour like that. I guess the good news is....it’s over?!? laughing wink THe next one will probably be better.

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