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bob the spammer

And bob strikes again.

I’m freakin' tired of seeing these spammy comments in my mailbox by the hundreds, even though they aren’t making it onto the pages because of TypeKey. Is it just me or are other people getting them too?

If I had enough time, I’d get myself the Blacklist 2.0E and install it. yeah, I’ll have to make the time for that pretty soon here! smile


I too haven’t found time yet to install that MTB 2.0e pre-release yet. In the meantime, I’ve gotten into the habit of checking the mt_comment table with phpMyAdmin and dumping any spammy comments through that. Much faster than deleting them through the MT Comments page.

Yes indeed, I’ve been getting them a lot lately. It’s maybe only a dozen a day, but it’s still annoying. I didn’t realize MTB had released an emergency edition, I’ll have to get my hands on it tonight!

I still have a older version of MT, my solution was to blacklist "bob@" . I let all my readers know, but I doubt I’ll be blocking anyone else. The Bob spammer left 60 comments on my blog in 1 day, I wanted to shoot someone!

I was hit pretty bad, I finally made all my comments Typekey registered only... can’t wait till the new blacklist comes out. smile

is it the cialis guy? if so, the latest version of blacklist (the emergency version) has blocked about 50 attempts by him on my site over the last two days. i heart blacklist!

The new version of blacklist installs really quickly. A quick upload, a quick CHMOD, and you’re set to go. It even updates itself - so you don’t need to download a new blacklist every couple of days.

It was well worth the five minutes it took me to instal. heart

Bob’s hit me, too. It’s funny, because all spammers hit one entry I posted over a year ago. As long as they stay there, I guess I don’t care. But it’s such a pain to get all the notifications.

(typing at school, forgot my typekey login. :/)

I saw this today and thought of you: http://www.livejournal.com/community/ship_manifesto/

This is BUffy week. The Willow/Giles one, in particular, I thought was wonderful. But they’re essaies about various ships, with tons of story links! There are more fandoms to come, but I know we both love Buffy!

You should remove your "post" button from your main index page—that way the Bot will not hit your site anymore.

I changed the renamed mt-comments.cgi, altered my mt.cfg file’s CommentScript reference, and Bob disappeared as well as most of the spam I receive. It’s now at such a trickle I don’t even need MT-Blacklist at the moment. I much prefer to give the spambot a HTTP 404 than let them think their attempts are doing any good.

I also contacted the ISP of the sites the comments pointed to. Hopefully that will make their life more difficult.