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MT3.1 intro

I’m quite excited to see the info about the upcoming Movable Type 3.1!

Some of it was announced this last week at the BlogOn conference, and its all sounding so cool! I’ve been looking forward to trying out the SubCategories plugin for a while, but never got around to implementing it. I’ve done several bits of dynamic templates things myself, but I can’t wait to see how much cooler the actual thing will be. The Plugin pack from the winning contest entries really has me excited, as well as the addition of several other plugin authors things being worked on. After getting to know so many of these plugin authors over the years, its so great to see them getting to be a bigger part of things.

Its a good time to be part of the blogging community! smile


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I’m excited too, I miss my blacklist. I’m eager to try the other things too. I will probably like the new interface more than anything else. laughing

The chance of subcategories is among the reasons why I haven’t changed to anything else. I wanted to wait and see if it showed up in 3.1 and I’m glad I had enough patience to wait it out. That and I don’t feel like having to learn another set of templates. It took me long enough to be comfortable with the MT templates.

I detailed all this in my own entry, but they’ve pretty much added in everything I’ve wanted to see in MT for a very long time smile Dynamic pages, scheduled entries and subcategories are amazing improvements laughing

I’m definitely looking forward to the return of blacklist and the appearance of dynamic pages. Yay!

Just when you fell youve got the hang of it along comes another update, yowch

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