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all the busyness

I feel like I’ve run a 2 week marathon. wink And literally, I have! This is the first "down" day I’ve had for over 2 weeks, and its left me a bit tired and kinda grumpy here and there! Between packing and moving and unpacking and work and Leonard’s surgery and a massive heatwave (over 100° for 2 days, close to that for several more) and everything else, its crazy! I’m so looking forward to getting into a routine again.

For the first time in at least 2 weeks, I got to go and read some blogs and leave some comments today. I miss my friends!!! miss melissa got moved into her new house, Donna has a beautiful new design, Carla is moving, too. I’ve enjoyed Meredith ’s Daily Stumble entries, and I’ve gone through a few of Kymberlie ’s Project Blog entries. There’s always more to mention, but those are a few that stuck in my mind. smile

We’ve got a few areas unpacked now, and several rooms are starting to feel homey. There are still a few things at the old house to get, but we’ve got everything big here now. Our kitchen cabinents aren’t as big as the old ones, so things are kinda jammed in. We could use a pantry cupboard. What do you store under your sink in the kitchen? I haven’t ever used it for anything but trash bags and dishwasher soap and other cleaning stuff, but we are making an effort to keep cleaning stuff up higher because Leah’s moving around quickly these days! But that would be another good storage place if I wanted to use it; just not sure what the best thing to put there is.

Why doesn’t Tupperware.com have Hunter Green tops for their storage containers anymore? They are all Hazelnut or Blue, durh. Don’t they know I have about half of the ones I need and now I want to buy the rest??! ha ha! Maybe I’ll search ebay.

The office is mostly set up, with the internet all happy and TiVo hooked up again (yes, I’m still trying to catch up on that!) We still need some sort of bean bags or chairs to sit on while watching the TV, and I’m not quite sure what I want yet. E wants a bean bag chair, one with the arms, but I’m not so sure. There’s not enough room for the couch, we knew that, and I’d love something that could be moved out of the way during the day. Any suggestions?

More to do, more to do!


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I thought of you during this heatwave we had when I saw how hot it got down there. It’s no fun to work in this heat. I’ve been going back to my old place almost daily to clean and it sucks. I always kept the same sort of thing under the sink, cleaning stuff and garbage bags. For the chairs, Lazyboy has some really nice chairs these days.

I still stored that stuff under the sink when Jason was a baby/toddler. I just kept locks on the sink and watched him closely when he was in the kitchen. There are so many invisible dangers in there, I never felt safe leaving him alone. We never had any problems with the stuff under the sink.

I’ve missed you too. I was so happy to see your comments come in yesterday (was it?). Things are just so chaotic with all of my friends lately (and myself). We all need to get together for dinner or something, and chat. ;)

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