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big moving day

On Friday, we became homeowners. smile

We somehow managed to get mover people to help us for today, so everything is crazy and mostly packed here! Its about a half-an-hour until the truck gets here and then another half-an-hour until our two "muscle-bound" men (so says the ad!) arrive to put our stuff in the truck.

The house is beautiful, as I keep saying to remind myself that this move is for a good cause (I hate moving!). And plus, no more sleeping in the hot hot hot bedroom here. A/C and ceiling fan, here we come!

I don’t like that I’m starting out the day already tired and very sore, but I’ll make it. I’m not going to move anything myself, with the exception of my two computers, no matter how muscle bound the men are, they aren’t touching my babies! wink

I’ve still got a few things ha ha! to do before it all comes into place, but I couldn’t shut down the computers without one last bloggy moment from here. The wireless router is still plugged in (staying here for now), so I may sneak a break in a closet or somewhere the movers can’t see me and make glares for not being helpful. laughing


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We are just following right behind you! We get our house this Friday and start out move the following Tuesday! ha ha!

Congrats on your move! You’ll be so happy. luvya

I’m so excited for you! I bet it’s going to be great in your new house. : ) So very cool to have your own place!!

Hi! You were in my referals - I feel so shpecial! LOL. We are moving into our new house next weekend! Isn’t it a hoot?! I can’t wait to go into unpacking mode - it’s so much more fun than packing and moving mode, don'tcha think?!

CONGRATULATIONS!!! I hope the rest of the move went smoothly and you’re settling in to your new home! Whoo hoo!!! wink

CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! rainbow That is just wonderful news! Welcome to the world of home ownership! flower

congrats, Kristine! you will love owning your own home! heart

Yay! Congratulations! Seems like everyone is buying or selling a house lately. smile

I wish I could share my house magazines with you. About design and such. It’d be so nice to be able to sit around and talk about how you’re decorating, and what I’m doing, and so on.

Put your house on a semi and move east! Right now, young lady! ;)

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