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second look and bday cakes

Today we are going to take a second look at a condo/townhouse that we liked. Its a former model house, so its got beautiful stuff inside; upgraded carpet, cabinents, etc. I really liked it a lot, so we are going back with a closer eye and my camera.

I feel like we’ve been going-going-going for the last few weeks because we’ve been out looking at houses many nights of the week and just in general busy. I know that when we do make an offer, then it’ll get all the more crazy because that means we have to start packing. That worries me a whole lot, because we have so much crap. Its gonna be a big job, no matter when we do it.

E and I identified how our decision style differs the other night at dinner - I’m anxious when searching that we wouldn’t want to let a potential house slip away; what if its the best thing we see? He’s anxious about making a decision; what if there’s a better one out there? Its definitely something that is identified by personality type (seen in MBTI tests as the Thinker/Feeler part of the type, I believe - I’m a T and he’s an F.)

In the next week, I need to turn into a master cake decorator. Leah’s birthday is Saturday, and it was a tradition when we were little that Grandma made us Panda Bear cakes. I have her pans (what I asked for after she died) and that includes the upright Panda Bear. But I’ve never used them yet. Everybody thinks Leah needs a Panda Bear cake for her first bday, so I’m gonna try and make one. I know that I’m not talented enough to make it covered with the star tip for fur, but I’m hoping that I can make it come out of the pan all in one piece!! Then I’ll probably use smoothed out frosting rather than the starry tip; I think it’ll still look Panda-bear-ish. smile It takes 6 1/2 cups of cake batter (1.5 box cakes, I think it said), so I’m not sure if I want to do a trial cake or not. I guess I’ll see how my week goes.

I’m sitting comfortably on the couch in the office with my laptop on a pillow on my lap. Whatever I did yesterday to make my back hurt so much must have been exciting, but I sure don’t remember doing anything that exciting laughing Either way, its nice to sit over here and do some quick work and surfing instead of sitting up at my desk. smile


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Seymour and I have always said that when the time comes for us to look for a house, I am going to give him the requirements that I want (like a finished basement) and he and his best friend will go out and find three houses for me to choose from. With my former partner, Iooking for a house got me so nuts that I finally just told him to find a house and buy it. He did a good job, and so I’m sticking with that formula!

Yay! We just went in and looked at ours for the first time since closing. It’s officially our baby now. It’s odd, but it looks different to me, now that I’m looking at it from a homeowner’s eyes.

I wish I lived nearby, and I could help you with the cake. That sounds like fun. Mind you, I’d also help to eat the extra bits. ;)

i can’t believe we are already at leah’s first birthday!

Hi...that would be a delicious cake!! *yum*...wink

I have a MT question here... how did you put those smileys in this comment page.? I keep on posting my question in the forum but nobody answered me. You’re only my last hope. thanks!

Housing prices in the Bay Area are insane! It almost makes me wish I were back in Los Angeles, but I heard that the housing prices in LA are slowly going up. Insane! My husband and I haven’t started looking for a house yet. Good luck with your search.

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