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new intros to soaps

I heart updated soap intros and commercials. I just noticed the middle of ATWT has a new little image gallery. And AMC has a brand new intro that matches the promos for all ABC soaps, and I love it. Way more than the yellow faded pictures they were using between shows before this. smile

of course, since most of the time, I listen to soaps, these could have been here for a week w/o me noticing. laughing


I just noticed the AMC into today too and I agree, I like it much better!butterfly

I dont like General Hospital’s and One Life To Live’s new intros they are all similar to each other now on ABC DAYTIME> GH had a really nice one before with the facade of the characters faces and shots from the shows but now it looks like oltl and oltl’s looks like amc’s GH should really go back to the old one and give every character a new pose to make it look original yet new and fresh.

Okay let me say something about Sonny and all of the fools on GH. Lately Sonny’s Daughter Kristina is dying right. And since finding out that he is her father he is running this campaign about he’s gonna be in her life now and be a father. He was all upset with Alexis for Keeping sonny out of her life. Yet everyone seems to have forgotten that Sonny did exactly that with A.J. and Michael.A.J. was never really in Michaels life and that REALLY pisses me off. He deserves to have that right and Carly and Sonny snatched that away from him. I’m really sick of Sonny and Jason too. I wish i was a GH writer cuz i would Kill sonny once and for all every year he gets shot and he miraculously dodges death.That laim pattern is so old now the show could and would survive without him Jason needs to get his memory back and Carly needs to get with steven webber. I would write that sonny leaves carly for lying to him about kristina and then in a fit of rage she runs him over with her benz like that woman did in real life. then bye bye to sonny for a couple of years we need a break. Luke was the patriarch of the show and still should be!