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more house looking

Today was a day of house searching. We spent a bunch of the day looking through the paper and home ads and then out driving around looking at neighborhoods. We didn’t find anything perfect, but it helped clarify a few of our needs and wants.

We actually looked at some new developments that were in process that seemed like they would be worth paying a bit more for. It would be way cool to have a new house that is perfect and where we were the first people to live in it.

I worry a bit that we won’t find the right place at the right time, but I know that there are higher powers watching out for us, and I shouldn’t stress. smile I worry about packing up everything we own (again); in fact, it almost makes me cry to think about how much work that will be. Hopefully I’ll have enough strength and time to do it well and w/o too much stress.

So yeah, that’s what’s going on over here. Hope you all had a good long weekend too! smile

General overview, for me to add to later.

Need: price in our range
Need: over 1400sq ft (that’s around what we have right now, and we wouldn’t want much less than that)
Need: newer than 1985ish, preferrably newer than 1995ish
Need: 2+ bedroom; Master should be big enough for our furniture
Wants: Large second bedroom or Family Room for our office
Wants: 2 stories
Wants: 2 car garage
Would Be Nice: laundry upstairs
Would Be Nice: Open layout, not like a tunnel walking into the entryway.
Would Be Nice: cuteness factor. laughing


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Wouldn’t a ranch home make more sense for when you’re low energy? Brad has bad knees and flat feet and is very anti-stairs. But there are a *lot* of ranch homes out here. luvya

We aren’t looking at houses yet, but we have started a list of things we want/need in one. Our list looks like yours except for the age of the house. We don’t care so much about that although a newer home would be more likely to have the open floorplan we like and the large master bathroom that I’d love.

Thinking about moving again makes me want to cry too. It’s a major hassle, but a house would be worth it. smile

That’s exciting and at least you know what you want, it will make hunting much easier. flower My mother and I use to spend Sundays going from open house to open house. It was fun imagining us living in these houses.

A and I composed a list of our needs and wants too. It was a big help. Once our Realtor gave us all the listings that fit our criteria, I went through them with different colored highlighters, picking out the +’s and -’s.

We actually close on our house this Friday. I’m so excited, nervous, thrilled, and scared that I could just implode! ;)

Good luck! Let me know if I can help at all. smile

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