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upgrading to 3.0D

I’m working on upgrading to MT3.0D, but haven’t quite gone over all my templates yet. So if something is wonky, I’ll be that way until am up tomorrow. smile I have TypeKey enabled for easy commenting and if you choose to comment without TypeKey, your comment will go through my mailbox first for approval. Let me know if you run into any problems along the way. I took out the Subscribe to Comments plugin for the moment, too. I need to do a few more indepth tests, but for the most part, my plugins are working okay. I bet Brenna will be suprised that CommentLeaders is doing better than she thought. :giggle: I’m falling asleep here. Sleeping and typing together probably isn’t a good combo. laughing


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Good luck! I think I’m going to wait until my days off before I tackle This Chick! sleep The rest of the weblogs will be a piece of cake, because the templates are practically identical to each other... wink Of course, by the time I get around to it, the general release’ll probably be out! blush

Ooh, with CommentLeaders, I guess my count will have to start again, becaues I have a different email address in my TypeKey profile (the other one I couldn’t recover from an old TypePad account). sad

I know this week’s been rough and exhausting, and now here comes a wedding. *whew* Hang in there. heart

I signed in to Typekey, but it still made me fill in my information. (Your site refuses to "remember me".) Was it supposed to ask me to fill in info? Just thought I would check!

I can’t wait to do the upgrade! Unfortunately, it’s going to have to wait until June - there is just no time to do it right now!

Brenna didn’t think comment leaders would work at all, so I was surprised that hearts were still showing up smile And once I get a few extra minutes, I’ll go back and do some update statements to match peoples old posts up with their new address and then they’ll be back on the right count. smile (I’ve got an entry somewhere on how I did it before!!!)

Good luck. Personally I took the easy way out and started over with a fresh install and selected imported entries from my old weblogs.

Christine, it approved you as the comment went through, so I know that something worked... I just may need to tweak some with the "remember me" part of the script!! Thanks for letting me know :heart :kiss flower

I’m trying my first Typepad comment just for kicks. heart Everything is looking good so far. smile

I really should proofread my comments more thoroughly. I obviously meant TypeKey, not TypePad. Doh. wink The "remember me" bit does seem to work for me so far though.

Yay! I’m glad you tested it out over here, Brandy, I feel special to be your first. tounge out:

Hey Kristine! Trying out my new TypeKey account here. I have to say, your continuing devotion to MT played a major part in swaying my opinion, and my earlier comments on the licencing changes may have been a bit too 'knee-jerk reaction'. Also, thanks to your upgrading here, I was persuaded it was also safe to upgrade my own website, and so this has now been done.

You do an amazing job over here, thank you for it all laughing

Had to test out my Typepad account. I think I’ll wait to upgrade my MT once Jay gets the Mt-Plugin working for it.

I’m testing out Typekey, as I hadn’t registered before. check

I"m probably going to keep Movable Type for one of my sites, but in order to do so I want to see how typekey works in case I decide to activate that. I don’t get a lot of comments to it anyway smile

You know what I’ve just found is missing? Documentation on how to make use of TypeKey in my website. I’ve noticed you’ve managed to impliment it perfectly...so what’s the secret?

Goodness, there’s been such an uproar over MT3. I’ve been trying to follow as much I can, trying to figure out how I’m affected. I think my best bet is to stick with what I have, although some people said that would make me more susceptible to hackers? Oh, well, still figuring things out, and seeing if there are any changes for commenting here as a non-typekey person. LOL

I just had to sign up for TypeKey (though I don’t know if it worked right or not since it’s still telling me that I can sign in to it) and come comment. I’m a lemming that way. laughing fishy

I usually blame the sleep-typing mistakes on a cat. laughing

I’m getting a 'No entry_id' error when I try to post from the comment preview page. flower

I just noticed that your trackback section (at the bottom of the individual entry template) says "Listed below are links to weblogs that reference upgrading to 3.0D:" in both the Pings Sent and Pings Received sections - that doesn’t sound quite right! wink

I just noticed that your trackback section (at the bottom of the individual entry template) says "Listed below are links to weblogs that reference upgrading to 3.0D:" in both the Pings Sent and Pings Received sections - that doesn’t sound quite right! wink

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