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wedding close

My brothers wedding is a week away! Which is so soon!!

Since its a fairly small wedding, many of the tasks are being done by family members. Sarah’s family is *not* very helpful, and so most of it is being done by our family. We want to give them a beautiful wedding, not just something thrown together.

So I’m doing decorations and flowers (with Sarah) and a bit of coordinating. E is doing the music, burning a single CD so its easier to control it at the reception/ceremony. Dad is doing the food, and Megan’s doing a bit of everything. Mom is freaking out and being negative like she did at my wedding, except that this time, she’s sad because Matthew won’t be out of jail in time for the wedding. sad We’ve reminded Lisa like 5 times that we’d love her help, but I’m not counting my chickens...

I emailed to confirm the flowers this evening again. I’m using the same place that we got my flowers from and arranging them on Friday night

Right now, Weather.com is listing a forecast of 74° and only 10% of rain, so that would just be delightful. smile

Sarah’s step-sister is having a bridal shower for her tomorrow, and its very poorly planned and short notice, so I didn’t get to go to the store. Megan went and got a gift from all of us. I like picking that stuff out, I was kinda sad I didn’t get to go.

So when I’m not busy working this week, I’ll be busy working on wedding stuff! I’m looking forward to it, very much so!!! smile

Notes to self:
ask Sarah about where to keep flowers. Maybe just the garage will be cool enough
Bring cake pans tomorrow for Jennifer.
Find food quantity numbers for dad
finish off pew bows
Get Leah stuff for honeymoon
JCPennys for wedding gift
white lights down from hallway to go.


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Have fun and don’t stress too much! fishy

It sounds like planning the wedding is happy stress for the most part. I hadn’t ever helped in planning a wedding until my sister-in-law got married (Matt and I had a very small, informal wedding.), and she drove me absolutely batty. I’m pretty sure the term bridezilla was invented for her. wink I’m glad you’re not having to deal with that type of thing. I think a wedding should bring people together, not make them want to run 100 miles away from you. laughing

oooh! have fun! try to keep the stress as low as possible (which probably isn’t possible with all the excitement).. smile


Testing TypeKey comments... flower

Wedding stress! Wedding stress! Augh!!! ha ha!ha ha!ha ha! (That’s my manic laughter!) Sounds like you guys are going to do a WONDERFUL job, and they are so lucky to have a fantastic family doing all of this for them! Best wishes to everyone!

Your whole family is wonderful to work so much at making this a memorable wedding. gem

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