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graphic tablets

So I’ve been looking at getting a new tablet for about a year now. Mine is getting a bit scratched up, and so I’ve been looking at the next models up. The scratching is just normal wear and tear, but the nub on the pen is also wearing down a whole lot.

I’ve gotten my moneys worth out of it; its 3 years old, and I’ve used it hard. I use the pen for most of my pointing and clicking, even though I have a mouse on my keyboard tray as well. The pen just fits well in my hand, and cuts down on wrist strain to switch back and forth.

But I’m having a hard time deciding which to get. I know its gonna be a Wacom. And I really would like an Intuos, the next model up from the Graphire, and its got a way nicer pen and a lot more sensitivity levels, plus a programmable strip on the top for frequently used menu options. The Intuos' are geared more towards power users. The Graphire which I have was an under $70 model (I have the original Graphire, not the Graphire 2 or newest Graphire 3!!).

I *could* get a Graphire 3 in the larger size (6x8), but that still doesn’t have the menu strip. The Intuos 2 just really has some nicer features that I’d like a lot.

So I still can’t decide even after all of that. laughing Which is probably a big part of why I don’t have one yet! I have a feeling that I’m really just trying to talk myself into the Intuos 2 : 6x8, and hopefully I can convince myself one way or another soon. smile


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Ah, so a tablet is your secret! How often do you use it? My girlfriend has a tablet but we never ever use it. Maybe I should give it a try just to see what I can do with it. I don’t have your creativity, that’s for sure, but it might be fun to play around.

I wana get a Intuos2, mainly cause I am suffering from repetitive motion strain from using the mouse.

I was originally thinking of getting the 6x8 model but read that it has a 10x13 footprint. Thats too big for my desk, do I really want to use all my desk space for the tablet.

So I think I am going to get the 4x5 model instead unless there are some serious shortcomings with the smaller size model that anyone knows of.

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