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friendly notes

When every feed in my most favoritest list has new posts, I know I’m behind. Usually, I keep up a bit better, but really, there just hasn’t been time!

Here’s a few bits of friend-stuff that I feel bad I missed out on or have wanted to point out lately:

  • Meredith ’s Paddle with Pride - she’s doing the event for a charity, and I didn’t get graphics made to accent her site when she asked, so I feel bad. So go and give her a few dollars to help out!

  • I wish I could have been at Christine ’s tiara happy hour tonight! That would be seriously cool! Maybe I’ll have to take pictures of me in my tiara and send them to Ch to make up for it!

  • Carla ’s :cherry: cherry design is back on her blog, and that makes me smile. Do you know that the first design that I made for rina-doll domain featured cherries? It was inspired by a dress we found online that made me think of her. So yay for cherry stuff!

  • I’ve turned my instant messaging back on for the moment but just for co-workers at the moment. Its so weird to be chatting again after so many years of silence after so many years of chatting!! Maybe one of these days, I’ll get on my normal screen name and say hi to more people.

There are so many other things marked as new in my feed reader, but I’ve had this post going already for too many days without finishing it!!! laughing


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Aww... cherries Hopefully there will be a better cherry header going up there, it’s in the works. I think I remember that design! I really liked it. tounge out:

It definitely would have been great if you were there at Tiara! They are always so very much fun.

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