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wedding stuff

Its only 20 days until my brother gets married!

Sarah and Leah came over for a while this afternoon to work on the unity candle and pew bows - we took a plain candle and used mod podge to put a copy of their invitation on the front of it, then accented it with small pearl beads and yellow ribbon. Along the lines of this tutorial. The pew bows are modified from mine. We took the dark purple ribbon out, and replaced it with light yellow ribbon and baby silk daisies. We’ll have to put connectors between the bows once we arrange the chairs because we don’t know how far apart the rows will be yet.

Leah is really amazed at her reflection right now - she likes to wave at herself in the mirror, and wave at pictures of "the baby leah" in our picture frames. She was following Eric around with her eyes and trying to get him to pick her up all the time. We all know who her favorite uncle is gonna be. laughing

Besides that, I’ve been working really hard. smile


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you guys are all over this wedding stuff! i am so impressed. what a beautiful candle and bows. what is baby leah going to wear?

We’re SO CLOSE! I can’t wait until this month is over!!! Good luck with all the hard wedding work!

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