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Happy Birthday to Me!!!

My goodness, could I actually be turning 28 today? blush To celebrate, we had a birthday party yesterday when everybody was gonna be around. It was lots of fun, and Leah helped me open my presents. Lisa and Matthew even joined us for dinner. Very happy day! I’ll have to post some pictures later on. smile Plans for today? Maybe a trip to Costco to look at TiVo’s! smile But first, another little nap is in order. sleep


Happy birthday, sweetie!

Happy birthday! butterfly I highly recommend Tivo-birthday goodness; I bought ours with birthday money two years ago, and I still think it’s the best present ever. tv

Happy birthday to a fantastic woman! flower

Happy Birthday Kristine! I hope you have a fabulous day and get your Tivo! candleprheartwinkflowermusicheartcherries

Hi Kristine. Happy 28th birthday today! I wish I was 28 on tuesday instead of 39!!! Have a great day. *Hugs* candle

happy birthday, kristine. bug

happy birthday kristine!

Yeah that is what I said yesterday when I turned 37!! Hope you have a great day!!

Oh and here’s my part for the Love-In Day, I thought I’d share the love. smile I love reading your blog because you’re you. You always help when you can and you’re so generous with your time. You’re always teaching us something new.

Happy Birthday! Hope you enjoy it. candle

Happy Birthday Kristine! smile heart

Happy Birthday, Kristine! flower

Happy birthday, doll! Hope it’s a good one! fishy luvya prheart

Sharing some love with you on Love-In Day.

Happy birthday, Kristine!!! I hope that you are having a wonderful day. TiVo ... yay! My husband has been wanting that *so* much. smile Kind of expensive, though ~ we’re gonna wait a while. Please do post pictures! smile

HBD Kristiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiine

(loud voice) "This is your birthday soooong! It is not veeery loooong!" Happy birthday on this lovely day.

Happy Birthday to a fellow April baby! smile

Happy Birthday to a fellow April baby! smile

Happy Birthday, Kristine! smile

Happy Birthday Kristine! gem

Happy Birthday, Kristine! Sorry for being a day late, but I hope that you had a great day. smile

Happy Belated Birthday, Kristine! I’m just not getting around to all my favorite reads - but I was thinking of you on Sunday! heart

have a nice day today..strawberry