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six apart logo-y goodness

I still reserve the right to be all excited and show off the links when cool stuff happens to Six Apart. smile

In the last few days, some great info and updates have come out. These are news items that I spent a bunch of time reading and then reading feedback.

movable type Where’s the Beef: Movable Type 3.0 - Mena addressed an issue that undoubtedly being discussed by MT users around the web: what features will MT 3.0 have? While 3.0 may not be the Pro with a ton of features , its got some amazing new options that really make it an invaluable upgrade. Between the comment upgrades that I am really excited about, and the backend improvements, with the idea of new plugins - all of that makes me have a big smile. The beta testing is officially on now, adding on to the alpha testers with people who signed up for the beta. I’m testing, but I haven’t converted over any of my public blogs yet. TypeKey I’m sure I’ll be using the option for TypeKey, but on my main blog, I may not require it, just use it for ease of the commenters. I did set up my TypeKey Profile: kadyellebee, which was easy because I already have a TypePad account. smile

TypePad New Typepad Features - Not only did TypePad get a new logo (with a Lily Pad on it!), they also have some new features over there. The file manager is new, and now you can see all the files that have been uploaded on your account. New cute icons in the New Entry window go along with that. Oh and the moblogging options (now in all plans) make me want a mobile something so I can post that way! Its a good time to be a TypePad member, that’s for sure. The more I play, the more I like it; I’m probably gonna put updates to my photoblog up there from now on because its SO much easier.

Links to spotlight: (things marked as unread in feeddemon relating to the above topics!)


Yay, MT! laughing I’ve kind of converted This Chick over to beta (with a duplicate database), but I’ve yet to integrate TypeKey. Soon!smile

And Happy Birthday Ms Kristine. candle Here in NZ it is 1.31am on April 25, so in my book it’s your birthday already! And in any case, it sure won’t hurt to have celebrations spanning across two days. wink

All this is so exciting to me, isn’t that crazy? laughing I’ll have to really dive into my testing efforts. Do you think it’s ok to use your main blogs to test mt3 with?

Carla, I wouldn’t recommend it, unless you’ve made sure you’ve backed up everything carefully. There are a number of changes to the database, and you wouldn’t want to lose anything. smile

Happy Happy Birthday Ms. Kristine! I hope you have a wonderful day today, and a splendid (relaxing) year to follow! laughing

Happy Birthday! And like last year on your birthday, today’s the annual Blogger Love-In. Coincidence? Perhaps not. wink Anyway, you’re such an important part of the blogging world. You’re always willing to help out, and you’re so sweet and adorable and all things good. Here’s to many more years full of Kristine goodness!

Happy birthday, Kristine! I hope you have a marvelous day! heart