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Now that’s weird. I just noticed that I got a blank post from this afternoon on the blog around the time I was checking out Ecto and SharpMT. I don’t know which one did it, but I coulda sworn I didn’t try posting anything with them yet!

I haven’t played with either of them enough to know if I like either of them more than Zempt, but I installed the .net framework so I could see if they were cool. smile


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I’ve been using SharpMT since it was in early beta and never had any issues with it posting empty posts, so I doubt it is SharpMT unless you actually hit the post button somehow.

I’ve been messing around with ecto today as well and it seems decent enough, though a bit fragile. My current tool of choice is MT Client 1.5 (http://www.xreware.com/blog/d/) simply due to its inline spell checking.

I used to be a big Zempt fan, but they’ve not released a new version since last November. Wish they’d get back into the game.

Doc reminded me about SharpMT yesterday, and I have to say... I’m really liking it. Compare to Zempt, it has all the Zempt features, plus:

~Custom tags (with hotkeys!)
Since I use "via blog" so much, I added one for that.

~Ability to change your Bold, Underline and Italics tags.
Some people prefer <em> , while others prefer <i> .

~Pulls in all your IE favorites, so you can easily make links.
I should ask if he’d do this for Firefox too. Doc says he’s very open to suggestions.

~Allows you to upload images, and set a default folder for the images to go to.

So far, other than the date being wonky (it posted my entry at 6 p.m. last night as 3:25 p.m. (?!?) ), it’s quite wonderful. I’m really impressed. smile

SharpMT is amazing, so much prettier than Zempt much more feature wise and its like Word smile

FYI, SharpMT has spellchecking as well.

And as for Melissa’s Problem, she probably checked the "use server time" for the entry which of course looks at the server and doesn’t adjust for timezone from the server.

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