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Slowly but surely, I’ve been doing some rearranging of the blogs I regularly post on. lovelinks is now kdlb-links, because nobody ever understood lovelinks (the name) and its easier to feel integrated into the kadyellebee.com sites when its over on the domain. So while working on that, I couldn’t help but make the look the same as the default kadyellebee skin. I like how it turned out. I spotlighted the Exress Links in the middle, with the other posts/links on the sidebar with color coding depending on the category.

Also, my portal is now pretty and in a new place on kadyellebee - Kristine’s brain... a portal. I’m mainly the person who sees this, but its my reference for so many things that I need it to be pretty. smile My favicons worked as images for each box, and that was fun. smile

I learned some htaccess while working on these changeovers, and I’m happy to say that I came out with a bit more knowledge on when to use Redirect Permanent and Redirect match. smile


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looks great! i love all of the newness around here, maybe it means that spring is really on its way! flower

You do such lovely work. butterfly

The portal looks lovely. Damn, you are very talented. exercise bug

Oh wow, I love your portal! Mine is pretty out of date; I only use a few links on it anymore. It’s very handy to have when I’m not at my own computer, though! I made the text very small because I wanted it all to fit on one page with no scrolling.

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