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slow evening

So my evening went by rather slowly. Why? My computer was acting up, so I restarted it, and then it just didn’t ever want to come all the way back up. I started by trying to scan in some forms that I need to fax, but couldn’t get the scanner to connect. Then I had to restart when I re-installed the driver, and things got worse from that point on.

Everything just got slow-mo—bringing up My Computer was almost an impossible task. Finally, after a few hours of trying to talk nicely to it and make it happy, I made E look at it. He spent at least an hour trying to figure it out, and finally we realized it was the second hard drive that was making noises. Its had issues lately connecting to the network locations on that drive lately, but it hadn’t failed completely, so I figured it was just because that drive was getting full and much slower than the main drive anyhow. (Its the old main hard drive from my HP computer, which I got in 2000.)

Once E took L: out, things started up nice and happily again. That means no music until we can get the data off of it, but besides that, its mostly backups that are on it, so its not as scary as it would be if my main C: went down.

Needless to say, I didn’t get much work done tonight, so I’m catching up now! smile


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