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eden likes glovebox sandwiches

Eden’s back!! I’m a little slow, but I just realized it. smile Check out Glovebox Sandwiches.
ot too long ago, I reminisced about my early blogging friends, and Eden was on that list. Links to her site go back so far. In fact, I was just thinking about her today when E picked my microphone up off the floor. I originally plugged it in to create a voice message for a site she had up. smile She’s a SilverIngrid friend, too. That was a forum my zalary-love had that I participated in for a wonderful period of time.


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Aww, thanks for the welcome, Kristine! I was thinking about "Voices" the other day, too. I think I still have my voice clip somewhere on a zip disk - I’ll have to dig it out! I miss SI, we had such fun on that forum!

yay! how exciting! laughing

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