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Email management

Email management

It’s amazing how the internet is bringing together people who might have not otherwise meet; and there are a hell of a lot of them. It seems the more active you are online, the more people want a moment of your time. A five minute email response, multiplied by 50, equals a whole afternoon spent catching up.

With the more email I receive, the worse I’ve gotten at replying. I’ve always been bad at getting back to people, my friends when I was little who lived acrossed the country could verify that!

The one saving grace for me to is to have things in organized folders. At least then the info is orderly if I do need to come back to it, so a reply much later isn’t so hard to finish. Also, thunderbird has a nice option of putting sent mail into subfolders of the received folder, so your correspondence can all be in the same place with more ease.

So yeah, this post just made me want to do better in this area. smile Or at least do a better job of giving people alternative ways to get help when I don’t have the time to help them personally!


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Even without all the emails you get, I’m so bad about responding to emails. I often want to respond to a chatty email or comment, and then I end up waiting so long that I figure it’s better to just forget about it. I’m trying to be better about it, but it’s hard for me for some reason. I guess I worry about bothering people.

Amen sister. I’ve been really trying to go through mine tonight, and be a good girl, but sheesh. It’s frickin' insane. I’ve gotten to where I avoid my e-mail, just because it’s piled up so bad. It’s a vicious cycle.

Evil email. wink

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