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stuff of the day

So most nights, I take my drugs and then sit and play whatever playstation game I’m currently on. That usually is about 30 minutes before the drugs start kicking in and I get tired enough to go to bed. Apparently, I started getting tired quicker last night, because when E got up for work, I was still on the couch, controller in my lap, asleep. I must have started shutting down, because I was on the screen to save my game when I woke up. :giggle: E turned it off and tucked me into bed, where I fell back asleep immediately. That’s just so silly, I’m a dork. laughing

Today, I’ve been catching up on sorting the pile of bills next to my desk. I did my taxes and updated the accounts in Money and printed off some copies of financial papers. I still need to finish a few things, and make file folders for others, but I’m feeling more organized.

I’m caught up on my soaps, too, as of a few hours ago. I had all last week that I knew I wanted to see, so I had E tape them for me. smile

We need groceries so bad, and I didn’t have the energy to shop last night. So I think I’m gonna make E take me to dinner and then we’ll do a trip to Safeway. We need *everything* so walking down all the aisle will be a good idea to get it all. I’d really like to make Green Chili Rice. Maybe some Potato Chip casserole, too. But not for the same meal. wink

So that means I better hop in the shower. My hair is all floofy!!


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I fall asleep on the couch all the time. laughing What kills me when it’s grocery shopping time is the times when I need everything, it adds up so quickly!

Lol, when I first read "most nights, I take my drugs and play Playstation," I thought the post was going somewhere very different;)

LOL, I guess that I should have said that a bit better, rereading it does sound worse than it is!!! I take Ambien and a few other things that help me sleep. blush

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