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busy girl

I’ve had so many projects going on that my regulars must think I’ve abandoned my journal. Nope, just busy like a bee. smile

We had dinner at Leonard and Sarah’s on Wednesday night. Megan and me went shopping on Friday for the afternoon/evening and then met E for dinner. In between all that, I’ve been getting Blogplates finished setting up (checking ring code and updating members lists), and answering a lot of MT forums questions. I’ve been playing with a script this evening to answer another forum question, and I ended up being so challenged by it that I’ve spent most of the evening on it. laughing The bad thing about a challenge like this is that I have a hard time just admitting defeat. So I keep searching and searching until I figure out how to do it. I told E that I had a battle with arrays inside of arrays and I won. tounge out

Tomorrow (okay, its today) we are going to my parents for dinner. Sometime in between now and then I *must* start printing envelopes for Sarah’s invitations. I’ve just been so busy this week.


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