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oscarcast at teevee

A very funny commentary on tonight’s Oscars: And the Oscarcast Goes To... - A blow-by-blow of the 2004 Oscars.

I turned it on around 7:30 just in time to see Katharyn Hepburns' tribute, just at the moment they showed her in Desk Set, my favorite old movie. And then I watched off and on for the rest of it... I haven’t watched that much of an Oscar ceremony since Braveheart was up for so many awards; no, wait, Titanic. I remember being sad that Leo wasn’t there. smile

I had only seen a few movies that were nominated this year (Finding Nemo was one), but I still need to see Lord of the Rings (2 and 3), and I hope to put those on my list of things to watch this year. smile

Fashion-wise, I liked Nicole Kidman’s dress more than the last I saw her in. Sandra Bullock and Charlize Theron look like they were way too dark, although Charlize’s dress is very nice. Diane Lane looked really pretty. Julianne Moore was elegant. Susan Sarandon’s dress looked too much like it was falling off. Marcia Gay Harden is *really* pregnant!!! Seeing Pierce Brosnan made me want another Bond movie. I can’t help but think Johnny Depp is sexy, but then again, I think he was way sexy in the movie with his long hair and makeup. wink Actually, seeing Tyler Christopher (as Nikolas) dress up like him for a costume party on General Hospital was even sexier. :giggle: I remember once thinking that Benicio Del Toro was good looking - eek!

Of course, the big news is the Sweeping victory the LotR made. Wow!


susan s’s dress did seem like it was falling off over her should when her and tim were interviewed ahead of time. they did look like a cute family though with the two boys. and susan’s voice is just do distinctive and beautiful!

Johnny Depp is so my Oscar boyfriend after last night - he was the only person on the red carpet before the show who did not blather on in a completely stupid way, and he had on a dynamite outfit. Woot!

I was hoping her dress would decide which shoulder it wanted to be on. laughing I was kind of dissapointed that LOTR dominated as it did but at least my picks for best actress and actor won for supporting roles as well. I was so happy Charlize won, that performance was amazing.

I thought Benecio Del Tores was kind of cute in "Excess Baggage", but when I looked him up after that he scared me. I don’t think he’s attractive at all! He looks about 100 years old, and it looks like he’s got too much sun and taken too many drugs.

Yipes. ;)