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rubhub and xfn

Rubhub is a XFN lookup engine for determining the relationships between people who author personal websites. I’m listed there now smile

I wrote up how I implemented XFN into my pages in xfn - adding relativity to linking a few months back. It’s caught on more since that point, though, so it can’t hurt to link that again!


That’s cool! I’ll have to try that out but I don’t have a cute icon like you. cherries

You’re my only incoming link so far. You must heart me! LOL

Oooh, I just noticed that when I right click the "I♥Meredith" link in your sidebar and choose properties, "Relation" is one of the fields and it says "friend" - that’s a cool way to check things out. XFN hadn’t really seemed like something I wanted to get into - FOAF is more my style so far - but if it’s catching on then maybe I’ll give it a try!

Hmmm, do you use XFN in your blogroll by using the "Extra link attributes" field?

Oh, but Carla, I don’t have a cute cherries design like you, so that might make us even. heart

Brandy, I do! kiss

Meredith, yeppers, see the prev entry I linked - I do use the Extra links attribute for all blogrolling generated listings. Pretty cool! I can also use Meredith (your name with colons around it), and my macros add the rel tag because you are in my friends macro list.
I did link my FOAF file from the sidebar when I designed this newest skin; I should really check and see if anything exciting has changed in the foaf specs. laughing

okay, so *now* the rel option works in comments so I can type Meredith and have it show properly. I forgot to add that to my sanitize settings until now. smile

a test after adding sub-to-comments.