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GH firey goodness

I simply must say how much I’m enjoying my soaps AGAIN.

Today at the beginning of GH, I was noticing that everybody in the beginning credits of GH with the exception of 4 people (Ned, Bobbie, Scotty, Elizabeth. And Lila - who isn’t truely on the show anymore) were in the burning building. Mac and Ric and Alan are out now, but they were all in there. That’s quite a huge percentage of the cast that IS in the burning building.

You wanna hear something terrible? I was so bored by Jax and Sam’s scenes today that I almost wished that they were talking about him when the ads said "Luke. Jason. Jax. No one is safe from the fire." laughing Which is quite ironic since he’s the reason I used to watch.

I’m so curious about who took the treasure (I’m kinda thinking Coleman?) and who shot Brian. Shhh, don’t tell me, I’ll find out soon enough! And what a surprise about the body in the basement being Scotty - I am surprised they would actually kill him off, even though I knew he was leaving. The death of Cameron wasn’t as much of a shock, thanks to yesterdays previews. I have a feeling that Zander is still around somewhere.

I can’t wait to see what happens next - Will Lorenzo walk in on Carly and Jason kissing? Will anyone notice that Helena has blood on her white gloves (duh, she must have!) from detaching Emily’s tourniquet? Will the people in the Versace room get out by helicopter? Why does Ric go back into the building? Where the heck is the treasure? How did Alexis get out and change her clothes before remembering that she was supposed to be getting help for Carly? What other secrets will be revealed?!!


Oh, and ATWT and AMC have been wonderful too, and if it weren’t for GH being so exciting, I’d probably be raving more. laughing Poor Rosanna’s heartbreaking sobs today. Chris and Alison make me smile. And Kendall better make Ryan stay. Tad’s 3 women all still wanting him. Greenlee falling.


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Hey, whatever happened to Lila Quartermaine? Is she still alive in real life?

I agree completely! They were supposed to be the new hot couple and I am NOT feeling it.
But other than that, I’m enjoying AMC, GH and OLTL more than I have in a long time!

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