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I am Erinyes.
I took the What Mythological Creature Are you? test.

Erinyes is a new name to me, so I looked it up. The Wikipedia says they were

female personifications of vengeance.

... the persecutors of mortal men and women who broke "natural" laws.

Maybe like Anya? Which fits well with seeing Buffy: Selfless tonight.

My ISTJ-ness fits with that second description nicely:

Threats to time-honored traditions or established organizations (e.g., a "run" on the bank) are the undoing of SJs, and are to be fought at all costs

from typelogic.

The Roman name for them is the Furies, which I have heard of because of Charmed: Hell Hath No Fury.

So there ya go, my attempt at taking my pop-culture knowledge and learning about mythology. ;)


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Cool picture. That was a fun quiz. *hugs*

Ah, the furies. Reminds me of one of my all-time favourite books, which I shall shamelessly plug, written by Keith Roberts - The Furies.

As for the quiz? I turned out to be a dragon.

Sorry, that trackback got all screwed up.. if you could delete it pls. smile

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