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comments flood

Argh. I got hit with a comment flood this morning. Between 7:48 and 10:40 when I woke up, I had ~350 comments posted between my blogs. The URL they used was one I banned last week in the mt-plugins blacklist, but I hadn’t copied it over to my love-productions blacklist.

My server is choking a bit on deleting the comments, even with Blacklist. So I’m doing them in smaller chunks.

I suppose that means its time to upgrade my copy of MT to have the throttling option working, although these were spread out over quite a bit of time, so it might not have done any good.

If you want the info for banning this flooder, here ya go:
Partial URL: pastramisandwich

They’ll probably change it if they hit again, but maybe it will help somebody else.


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Thanks for the heads up. Sucks you had to spend all that time doing that though. Just think if spam were money, you’d be a bit happier today. blushcherries

Sorry to hear that you’re having to deal with that crap today. Comment spam bothers me even more than email spam.

That IP appears to come back to:

Gerwick C L & Associates Inc
10560 Barkley Street, Overland Park, KS 66212
(913) 383-3464

Someone is bored at work maybe?

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