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looking through glasses

No, not glasses on my fave, glasses on my desk. SometimesA lot of the time, I end up with quite the variety of old pop cans and cups on my desk. Today, I have a Old Spaghetti Factory glass, and its sitting right in front of my quick launch bar, so to see the program I’m opening, I’m looking through it. laughing So why don’t I just move it? Well, that would be the smart thing to do. wink

Also, I have several post-its of things I really need to remember, and they are attached to the edge of my monitor, so sometimes I have to move them around to see things.

What’s the weirdest thing on your desk right now? Do you ever look around popcans to see parts of your monitor?? laughing


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The weirdest thing on my desk right now. Hmm. I’m using a sparkly purple pen to take phone messages! hehe smile But, that’s not really that strange. Umm ... well, I took a sticker off an apple and put on my monitor ... it says "Macintosh" ... and I have a Macintosh computer at work, hehe prheart

i do the post it thing. and in many colors. then i put post its on top of post its and things just get crazy!

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