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Ratchet and Clank is almost finished in challenge mode (which is what happens the second time through) for me now. Its been great fun, but these last few challenges are kicking my butt! It doesn’t tell me how many bolts I’ve gotten from which places, so I’m kinda going back to try and remember because I’m missing 5. 3 are flying ones, but where are the other two? There’s one Nanotech boost (on Dobbo) that is freakin' hard to get with the glider, and I’ve probably tried 100 times now. And then 5 skill points are left; three that are real challenges, and two that require completing the nanotech and bolt parts.

Of course, reading about games got me started looking for the other games I’m gonna be watching for. I read about Kingdom Hearts II (sequel to KH, where it left off) and KH: Chain of Memories, which appears to be in the same worlds as the original but with new game play stuff optimized for the GBA. I can’t wait!

After I typed this, I went and played for a while, and got 2 more bolts and one more skill point. laughing I rock. smile


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Hey, girl! You are sooo lucky of knowing when and where to go, cause I didnt have a guide, and it was fun playing through the game once, and challenge mode was nice too, but I have to stop now. I mean 3 times in a row is a little bit much. All Ive done is get the cheat for the "Clank has a big head" and the body paint for the ship. Ohh, and I fought the secret monster @ the MegaCorp Outlet which was VERY hard. Even with my souped up Ratchet.

I, too, tried getting the nanoboost with the glider, but it seems impossible, you try to go up, but Ratchet falls. I would think that the only way would be without the glider. Maybe check the slingshot, or the "boost boots" and the helicopter. I dont know, just... dont give up.

Ohh, and two questions: what is Quark’s doll for and where did you get a guide to the game... maybe I can get all the skill points, all the other platinum bolts, and the secret areas!

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