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busy stuff

Leonard and Sarah and Leah and Megan came over for dinner last night here, since I was making Lasagna, and its one of those meals that its not any harder to make twice as much. It was yummy and fun. This afternoon, we all went over to my parents house for dinner. Sunday is gonna be a rest day. smile

My brain has been consumed with fixing the Winamp Hoverable Playlist tutorial after LisaJill pointed out several of the issues she was having in the forums. Its getting so close to being better now. smile Hopefully I’ll get the last few things ironed out and post revised code tomorrow. I so wish that I knew how to write winamp plugins so I could make something better than dosomething; its no longer in development, and I’d love some further options. But I’m trying to work with it the way it is.

Things are starting to move right along on with wedding planning for Leonard and Sarah. We placed the flower order. Today, we went and looked at the church and reception room again now that we know they can be used... Sarah really wants the reception room to look like a reception room and less like a classroom, which is what it is. smile

And then I’ve spent a lot of time this week working on the invitations for their wedding. I’m designing a flowered paper along the same lines as mine, but we haven’t found exactly what she wants yet. We do have a pretty heart/daisy logo with their initials for the cover, and a basic layout design for how it will be put together, so that’s getting closer.

Between all that, my email has been such a big freaking mess because of this virus. I’ve gotten over 1000 copies so far, and that’s just the ones that weren’t filtered by my host (only zips were allowed through). There’s a lot of notifications of not being able to deliver the viruses that don’t have the files attached, and they don’t trigger Norton. So opening my email isn’t any fun.

I’ve got 2 other posts in my brain for :vv: that are just waiting for me to have time to finish them. One’s a comment-viewing script to download and another is a set of tips for Mozilla and MT.


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