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flu and cfids

From the Desk of Kim Kenney, CFIDS Association of America’s President:

This year’s particularly nasty strain and an unprecedented shortage of vaccine have intensified public concern about flu. An average of 114,000 Americans are hospitalized and 36,000 die every year from the flu.

Nobody wants to get it. And in today’s busy world, nobody has "time" to be sick for a week or two. Imagine how people would panic if their case of the flu persisted for months or even for years.

Yet isn’t that what CFIDS is, in its simplest form? A vicious flu that doesn’t subside, that wreaks havoc on most major body systems and upsets subtle chemical pathways. A flu that turns a couple days of sick leave into long-term disability. An illness that saps stamina, brain power, bank accounts and hope.

I found that to be really interesting. Sad, but interesting.


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