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breaking teeth

What are dental crowns? Why do teeth need dental crowns?
I don’t want any dental work done. But this site has a lot of good info about what happens and what needs to be done when something happens. Animated images even.

Oh dear. Tonight, I was almost done eating my bagel and cream cheese, which I heard an awful noise. Ya know how sometimes you bit down on a raisin and it crunches slightly because the stem got left on? It was like that, but louder. I had a feeling that my tooth broke, so I went to the bathroom to see. No pain, but definately a sharp edge; the corner of my tooth broke right off. Luckily, it didn’t break down far enough to make it really painful, or I don’t know what I would have done. But its a really sharp spot now on the outside edge of that tooth (up against my cheek). It actual piece of the tooth I found in my mouth is only a small triangle; one of the 4 points on that molar. I’m afraid to touch the tooth too much because maybe its not done breaking? I’m scared to eat, too. My tonge keeps moving towards it to feel what’s going on over there. pokey tooth not nice to tongue.

I’m petrified to go to the dentist. This was the tooth that needed to be refilled because the 2nd try at filling it came out. :sigh: So I have no idea what he’ll do to it now. I sure hope I don’t have to have a root canal because then I’m gonna break down in tears right there in the office. Why am I so scared of this kinda stuff? My hands are shaking just thinking about it. sad

So that’s the story. ugh.


I can completely understand your fears! I can tell you from experience though that it’s best to just force yourself through the dentist visit rather than putting it off. You’ll be saving yourself money and more pain down the road. Plus, if you’re like me, then you’d worry about the visit until you’ve done it anyway. Might as well get it over with. smile You’re in my thoughts, and I’ll be sending happy thoughts your way. rainbow

Sorry about your tooth. If you should happen to have a root canal, it’ll be okay. I had one many many years ago and it was actually really easy and painless.

hang in there smile