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happy new year

Wow, its 2004. 2003 went by so fast. It seems unreal that its over.

I apparently wore myself out last week more than I thought. I’ve slept a whole lot this week so far. No energy to do much else but read, play games, and sleep.

Leonard, Sarah, Matthew, Leah and I hung out at mom and dad’s house and said happy new year at New York time because we knew midnight was a little unrealistic. smile It snowed a lot yesterday, so driving back and forth was a little nerve-racking (L & S picked me up and brought me home). It melted and then snowed more today. It was so snowy that Leonard didn’t go to work as he planned—the news was saying "if you value your life, don’t drive today." Wow! They said this is the most snow we’ve had at one time since 1998. That’s probably why I remember having to walk so much in the cold that winter (it was the first winter I lived alone, before E was done with school, and so I walked the mile each way back and forth to work)

Random thought as I turned around to see the commercial on... why did Herbal Essence start advertising shampoo containing Halafena (?sp)—it sounds like jalepino, and that isn’t something I want in my hair. laughing

MTV is replaying episodes of Newlyweds: Nick and Jessica. I’m surprised how many of them I’ve actually seen since I only watched the pieces of the show severals days when E wasn’t around. I guess I saw more than I thought! I can’t help but giggle at it. Its one of those addicting guilty pleasure shows to me. I like her Sweetest Sin video, that’s the episode I’m watching right now.

Sleepy 'gain. Stupid permanent sleepiness!!


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I’m glad it’s 2004 for oh so many reasons ... laughing (I’ll be sending you a big ol' e-mail tomorrow!)

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